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  1. As a dedicated Alien fan I've enjoyed your blog. I notice you've been silent for a while though, so hopefully there will be more postings soon...

    Best wishes,

  2. Yes, I'm doing what I can to assemble information that connects properly in an intriguing way. I want to somehow assemble a book on this whole thing so my brain is burning over time trying to understand what the structure of the book could be.

    I do post at the AlienExperience.com/forum and AVPGalaxy.net when there is a thread I can play with

  3. Do you have an email address? Would like an interview for Time Out, tweeted you! Please reply or call, it would be greatly appreciated, LMJ.

  4. Thankyou. The way the information seems to be unfolding these days is almost like being a detective and an archeologist. I'm also finding it also important to show how I discovered each piece of information and made the connection.

  5. Hello!
    Interesting blog. Welcome to http://filmandotherstories.blogspot.se/
    :) Happy Valentine's day!

  6. Oy! I included a 'shout out' to ALIEN EXPLORATIONS in my recent post about Sith_fire 30 Creations. Check it out. Regards,


  7. Thankyou Jaspers, very interesting piece of construction on your page

  8. Hello, my name is Laurence F. Knapp. I’m the editor of Ridley Scott: Interviews, published by the University Press of Mississippi in 2005. I’m currently at work on the second edition (the first edition ended with Matchstick Men). I noticed that you referenced the Films Illustrated 9 Nov (1979) interview "Duelling with Death: The Alien World of Ridley Scott" on your blog page Alien Explorations. Do you have a copy of that interview by any chance? Also, do you have a list of Ridley Scott Alien interviews from the late 70s? I'm planning on dropping the James Delson interview "Alien from the Inside Out" that I included in the first edition of Ridley Scott: Interviews.

    Any assistance you could give would be appreciated,
    Dr. Laurence F. Knapp
    Professor of Film Studies, Oakton Community College (Chicago, IL)

    1. Yes, I have a photocopy of the interview, I can scan it for you shortly. I'm not sure about a list, I used to have the printouts of interviews in the BFI collection. but I ought to make a list of all the interviews that I do have and publish them here, it might even help me and I will do that soon

    2. interview in jpg form has been sent to you by your email address at Oakton Community College

  9. Thanks! This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for—an original long-lost interview that offers shrewd insight into his work. Bravo! Do you have any idea who conducted this interview? Also, do you have a copy of the Carducci Cinefantastique interview "Making Alien"?

    I'm also looking for an insightful Prometheus interview if you've run into anything off the beaten path. Again, I'm looking for intelligent, insightful interviews that allow Ridley Scott to shine.

    As of now you are THE Alien resource.

  10. I don't think the name of the writer for the Duelling Death interview was given unfortunately. I'll need to think about the best Ridley interview for Prometheus because I don't really think they were all that successful, a lot of them went in blurred directions perhaps because of the blurry nature of the film.

  11. I noticed you mentioned a few of the Alien side projects as well. Do you have a favorite Alien comic book or novel?

    1. Gosh, well I liked Aliens: Apocalypse - The Destroying Angels, when it came out because it dared to touch on the back story of the aliens even if it didn't interest me to see that the Aliens and the Space Jockeys were enemies and the aliens were all boring and the story included use of pheremone tags. It was nice to see that they used one of Giger's other sketches of the derelict ship for the derelict ship floating around in space and I noticed that this comic book inspired various elements of the Prometheus movie. So I think about that comic book series abstractly. The recent Prometheus Fire and Brimstone is fairly idiotic but slightly odd, and still there are some eccentric enough details for the imagination to get confused about and wonder what that was all about rather than get caught up in it. It often helps to blur all memory of these things to truly appreciate them.

    2. It seems also that I like parts of Alien vs Predator: War where they show the outside of an alien hive and so a team of Predators and one human woman go inside to catch a queen

  12. Please let me offer my animation short movie which is made for a direct prequel for Alien and an overview of their Famalien relations...


  13. I love the "Alien" movies.. I still watch it in weekends.